Heresy of Siamorphe

This heretic sect was founded decades ago by a desperate priest of Siamorphe who wanted to find a way to bring back the influence of his goddess and his church in Faerun. During his quest, he met with a representative of the Church of Bane and together, they discovered evidence of an unholy alliance between the Black Hand and the Noble Lady.

From what was discovered in the book found in the banite temple in Skullport, Bane had foreseen his death during the Time of Troubles and offered Siamorphe to hold a small part of his divinity in exchange for his help in bringing back the nobility to power in Faerun upon his return. Bane forged an emerald chalice and offered it to his new partner, creating a powerful artifact that would be key to Bane’s resurrection in the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR).

The heretical duo selected Waterdeep to be the main center of the sect and quickly returned, starting a long term set of maneuvers to slowly take power in the City of Splendors. They infiltrated almost every aspect of the city, from the nobility to the administration of the city.

Members of almost all Waterdeep noble families are rumored to be involved with the cult and they now seem to be firmly in control, thanks to their assets within the Guilds, the Army, the Churches and the Government. It is even possible that a few of the Masked Lords are from their rank.

Confirmed Members

  • Adogeon Estelmer, Prior to the High Priestess of Siamorphe and expert in genealogy/heraldry. Known in the sect as the High Lord Scion. Wears a golden mask depicting a lion.
  • Elroar Sakhar (a.k.a Daveak Chorster), Mercenary leader, canine breeder and second in command of the Watch. One of the few members of the Tethyrian royalty who survived the Black Days. Also known as Darkwhispers, crusader of Bane. Wears a black helmet depicting a snarling monster. Wields an adamantine maul in combat.
  • Lady Hlanta Melshimber Amcathra, One of Waterdeep’s most powerful nobles. Controlling a vast network of spies and information gatherers as well as an expert in wine making. Considered one of Waterdeep most dangerous nobles. Identified as the conspiration’s second Secretary of the Arcane.

Council of Prefects

  • Lord Chancellor of the Exchequer, responsible for all financial aspects of the sect. Escaped after he made a deal with the Companions of Stardust Hall. Wore a bronze mask depicting an hawk.
  • Lord Secretary of the Interior. Unknown responsibilities.
  • Lord Secretary of the Arcane. Responsible for arcane matters for the sect. Title formerly held by Favian Urmbrusk. Current holder unknown.
  • Lady Secretary of Information. Responsible for information gathering.
  • Lord Secretary of the Guilds. Unknown responsibilities. Probably linked with the guilds.

Heresy of Siamorphe

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