Tyr's Champion Harkas Kormallis

Tyr's Champion and leader of the Church in Waterdeep. A zealot totally devoted to the law


Eldest son to Lord Kormallis, Harkas is the leader of the Order of Samular, an elite order of paladins of Grimjaws and was also in charge of the security at the Halls of Justice prior to the High Priest's assassination.

Following the death of Hammer Lord Allumen, Kormallis was selected as the new leader of the faith even though he is not a cleric.  Upon his election, he introduced very harsh measures to ensure that the letter of the law is respected in Waterdeep and used his influence as one of the City's most influent religious leader to have this measures approved by the Council of Lords.

Nicknamed Tyr's Champion for his fanatical devotion, Harkas Kormallis proved this devotion by cutting off his right hand like his god.

Removed from office for heresy and replaced by a council composed of one monk, one paladin and one cleric.


Tyr's Champion Harkas Kormallis

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