Owner of the Lucky Cat


A Cormyrian expatriate in his sixties, Calder opened the Lucky Cat forty years ago when he arrived in Waterdeep after a lucrative adventuring career.  The Lucky Cat is a popular place for gamblers and thrill-seeking nobles as well as for priests of Tymora and to the halfling deities.  It is considered a neutral ground for criminal groups and favored as a meeting place between rival factions.

Calder's policy is quite clear:  no bloodshed within his club and zero tolerance for violence outside the arena.  This same arena is also used to initiate new members who must fight "gladiators" to get access to the casino.

Calder is quite friendly to anyone who respects his rules and might be useful to anyone who wishes to learn about Waterdeep's underworld.  However, he will never betray the trust of his customer. The old cormyrian is quite fond of cats and felines and considers them to be blessed creatures. 

His known associates and employees are:

  •  An obese teenager acting as the doorman.
  • Juksar, an old man dressed as a priest of Tempus, who manages the arena.
  • A tiefling acting as chief of security.
  • A group of hobgoblins patrols the casino and acts as guards.
  • Croupier, Calder's tressym pet. 




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