Balthus Amcathra

Overindulgent noble and important patron of the Lucky Cat casino


Balthus Amcathra is the young nephew of the patriarch of the noble clan who deals in horsebreeding and sword forging.  Like many young noble of his age, he is not involved in his family's affairs and spends most of his days in Waterdeep's feasthalls and taverns.

A compulsive gambler, Lord Amcathra visits the Lucky Cat almost every nights in company of his concubine, Lady Cyrah.  The woman seems to be his good luck charm since most of the time, he wins. He was often accused of cheating but after thorough investigations by the casino's security, no evidence of cheating were found and the accuser was most of the time challenged to a duel. Balthus is a impulsive man and is quick to anger.  He is not above challenging to a duel someone who disturbs one of his games.








Balthus Amcathra

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