Waterdeep Watch

The City Watch acts as Waterdeep’s police force, patrolling the city and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.  Where the Guard takes care of the any external threats to the city, the Watch enforces the laws, assits travelers with heavy loads and do investigations.

The Commander of the Watch is always the Open Lord (actually Lord Caladorn) who leaves the day-to-day control to his Captain.  The Captain reports directly to the Open Lord and is assisted by senior officers responsible for a division within the organization.

Each ward has a commander named Ward Civiliar who in turns commands Senior Civiliars responsible for a watch post within the ward.  Each patrols has one Civiliar who reports the Senior Civiliar of the local watchpost. Each Ward Civiliar also has arcanists and scouts under his command.

Recently, many members of the Watch were suspected and found guilty of having accepted bribes from criminals and secret organizations.  Some high ranking officers were also condemned for corruption.  To ensure that Waterdeep’s police force was clean from any external influence, the Lords appointed Commissioner Ricamros Gundwynd to the Watch’s Internal Affairs.  So far, the war hero successfully removed more than a dozen corrupted agents and officers from the Watch’s ranks.  This even led to the former Captain’s resignation.

After long discussions, the Lords finally accepted and ordered the fusion of the the Watch and the Guard to form a more powerful and organized group to fight the instability that affects Waterdeep. The new organization was named the Guard since the group’s main objective was the city’s defense.    

City Guard organization:

  • Lord Commander Derek Windsfire: Former second-in-command, recently appointed after Captain Rulathon’s resignation.
  • Grand Civiliar Daveak Chorster: Former head of the Red Rubies.  He will work on the incorporation of the mercenary unit within the Watch.
  • Mage Civiliar Thyriellentha Snowme: Noble-lady and leader of the Watch-wizards.
  • Senior Armsmaster Yorval Stoneshaft:The dwarven assistant to the former Senior Armsmaster, he was appointed by the Open Lord upon Urtrace’s retirement.
  • Castle ward Civiliar Helm Maddryn
  • City of the Dead Civiliar Jessendra Ambrantyl
  • Dock ward Civiliar Tychander
  • North ward Civiliar Emmer Jundhyl
  • Sea ward Civiliar Aluanen
  • South ward Civiliar Talaver “Azure-Hand”
  • Trades ward Civiliar Uliphar Halstrynn
  • Commissioner Ricamros Gundwynd:  Commander of the Internal Affairs.
  • Sub-commissioner Etcharial: Commissioner Gundwynd’s aide.

Members of South ward Watch, usually working the closest to Stardust Hall:

  • Senior Civiliar Kevian “Strifetammer”
  • Armar Delggen Stoutaxe
  • Blade Breeris Hawklight
  • Blade Horros Chorster
  • Watch-Wizard Jelhanna Tamarkeus

Waterdeep Watch

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