Lords of Waterdeep

Arms of the LOrds

Founded more than three centuries ago by the Archmage Ahghairon, the Lords of Waterdeep are one of the more mysterious organization in the City of Splendors.  The official rulers of the city, they hide their identities behind magical helms and robes to protect themselves from the power hungry. They are represented by one of their peers, the Open Lord, who speaks in their behalf and represents them in the official ceremonies but does not hold more power than the others.

The Lords are equal among themselves to guarantee that they are always free of coercion and that they come from any spheres of the society to more represent the citizens of their beloved city.  Even though most are assumed to be humans, many residents from the other races (elves, halflings, dwarves and others) are often suspected to be among the Hidden Lords.

Only one interruption affected the Lords’ reign since the foundation of the office.  The nobles and guildmasters turned against themselves and they brought civil war upon the waterdhavians.  Since then, the Open Lord acts as the Master of the guilds as well as the Commander of the Watch and Guard.

Of the august membership, only one Lord, named Kerrigan the Arcanist, abused his power and tried to take control of the city from his fellow lords, killing three before receiving his punishment from Ahghairon the Founder in the courtyard that is now called Kerrigan’s Court.

One of the favorite hobbies of many waterdhavians is to try to guess the identity of the Lords.  Every day, in one broadsheet or the other, you can read about one citizen who’s being identified as one of the mysterious rulers of the city.

The seat of the Open Lord was recently filled by the election, by its peers, of Ricamros Gundwynd, war hero and former commissioner responsible for the reform of the Watch. Some suspect he might be linked to the conspirators who are trying to bring the city under the noble’s thumb but nothing can link this stern man to any scandals.

Open Lords of Waterdeep:

  • Ahghairon (1032-1256 DR) :First Archmage and Founder of the Lordship system.
  • Baeron (1273-1308 DR) : Restorer of Order who ended the Guildwars.
  • Lhestyn Arunsun (1308-1314 DR): Bane of the Shadow Thieves.
  • Piergeiron “Paladinson” (1314-1372 DR): Paladin of Tyr
  • Caladorn   (1372-1373): Waterdeep’s finest blade
  • Ricamros Gundwynd   (1373-1374): The Usurper. Worked with the nobles to take over the city

    Danilo Thann (1374-Present): The Hopebringer.

Lords of Waterdeep

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