City of Splendors: Waterdeep

Eagle's Fall

The Companions finally stumble upon Darkwhispers and his co-conspirator, working on a powerful ritual that will sacrifice the lives of many of Waterdeep’s petty criminals. After a tough fight against the Lord Constable and the Secretary of the Arcane, they return to the City of Splendors to end the Church of Divine Right’s threat once and for all.

Home Invasion

After their escape from Waterdeep, the Companions start to track Darkwhispers, the Banite crusader allied with the conspirators. With the help of a group of rangers from the Ardeep Forest, they reach the Nandar Lodge and enter the dreaded Dungeon of Whispers, a placed filled with fearsome monsters….


The Companions finally raid the heresy’s cathedral and fight a reanimated avatar of the dead God Iyachtu Xvim. They are also confronted to the power of the High Lord Scion who charms everyone save Rhivaun. The conflict almost makes their friendship end but when allies ensure their return to sanity, they decide to move out of town to capture Darkwhispers, supposedly working in the shadows in a country house.

Right before leaving town, they are ambushed by two of Waterdeep’s iconic defenders: Walking Statues!

Visit at Gounar's

Upon learning the identity of one of the leaders of the heresy plotting against Waterdeep, the Companions of Stardust Hall teleport back to the City of Splendors to discover that is has fallen under martial law and that a new Open Lord, Ricamros Gundwynd, has been selected.

The result is that their city of birth has been transformed into an oppressive bastion of the law. They penetrate the premises of Gounar’s Tavern, the front for the Palade of the Divine Queen. There, they will discover more information about the sect of heretic followers of Siamorphe and will fight lawful inclined monsters.

Tethyrian Hospitality

Upon their arrival in Darromar, capital of Tethyr, the companions meet with Tethyr’s royalty, Mersenne is aknowledged as a member of the royal family and multiple assassination attempts are made against the heroes. They will however, identify their main enemies and their goals.


The companions finally discover who is behind the conspiration in Waterdeep and reveal the identity of a few of the conspirators

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Following the death of a mentor and the confirmation that the noble’s plot to take over Waterdeep has already reached the Lord’s Council, the Heroes of Stardust Hall move against the Church of Bane in Skullport


While tracking a criminal linked to the Shadow Thieves, the Companions witness the fall of a comet

Dirty secrets

The recently deputized “Heroes of Stardust Hall” track down the Shadow Thieves in order to discover the truth about Aria’s brother Azavar’s death

More than meets the eye

Discovering the truth about dopplegangers operating in the city


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