City of Splendors: Waterdeep

More than meets the eye

Discovering the truth about dopplegangers operating in the city

Selûne's rejects

Tracking the kidnapped nobles to Casrah’s lair. They will finally discover the oracle’s secret identity and her plans for the City of Splendors

Monster's Ball

In celebration of their victory over the Scarred Beasts, the heroes are invited to a masked ball by the nobility. There they will meet Waterdeep’s true monsters

The Daggerford Murders

After their convincing victory over the Scarred Beasts, the heroes of Stardust Hall are given medals and introduced to the city’s elite. While preparing for a ball, they investigate the details about Mersenne’s mother death which seems to be linked to the recent events in the city

Facing the Beast part. 2: Caverns of Blood

After witnessing Gray Beast’s madness, the heroes are charged by the Church of Selûne to finish him. This will lead them out of Waterdeep and into the enraged lycanthrope’s territory

Facing the Beast: Into the Arena

Tracking the leader of the Scarred Beasts up to the Fields of Triumph. There they will face the horror of the malarite’s madness

Fall of the dragonmage

The death of a powerful mage might endanger the whole city. Its up to the heroes to find his staff, stolen by the Scarred Beasts

Into the fiend's lair

Rescue mission deep into Lord Urmbrusk’s domain

Following the unsung path

Following Felnarra’s track into the mysterious Ardeep Forest

The first unveiling
Discovering new details about the ennemy

Upon their return to Waterdeep, the investigators quickly move to the shop that was seen by Petyr in his divination and identify it as the property of Galvin Barnabas, a very popular tailor among the nobility and an expert in costumes and masks.  This man is as close a commoner can be from nobility and is actually married to a minor noble.

Finding the store closed for the night, they start by inspecting the neighborhood for clues and notice nothing wrong.  As they argue about the next step in their investigation, Arya unlocks the door and moves inside cautiously but starts an alarm that quickly brings watchmen and later Red Rubies, confirming Barnabas' importance and wealth. Taking their leave, the group returns to the orphanage, promising to return the next morning to speak with the employees and learn more about the red haired man that Petyr saw in his divination.

Upon their arrival at the shop disguised as rich adventurers who are about to attend to a ball, they are able to speak with their main witness, Markus Briskol, the man in Petyr's scrying.  Barnabas' assistant quickly realize that the adventurers are not who they seem and reacts by asking them to leave but is stopped by Mersenne's magical music that forced him to cooperate.  He admits having witnessed the death of Doctor Jevasic and describes the murderer as a "hulking man in a dark full plate".  He also says that the mysterious man is an associate of his master and he sometimes uses the shop at night.  By asking questions about his role in the murder of the doctor, they quickly realize that Briskol is a cold and ruthless man obcessed with money and power and that when he would get his senses back, he would seek vengeance against them. At Rhivaun's suggestion, they teleported the still charmed Briskol to a small village near Waterdeep and returned, moving to Barnabas' residence to learn more about him as he seems to be the key to this mystery.  

While his partners were gathering some information about the villa and its occupants, Petyr went to the gate to meet with the guards, members of the Red Rubies led by an old rival of his, Sapphiredge. The tiefling learned a bit more about the mansion's owner and his reputation but unfortunately, he returned without much information about the mysterious killer in the dark armor.  Planning to infiltrate the house the next day, the investigators returned to Stardust Hall while Petyr and Mersenne started to search about the mysterious elvish poem "Voices of the Lost" at the Olamh.  Following a lead given by Vunik, the strange seer at Wyttman Institute,  Petyr also did a scrying on Felnarra, hoping to locate her.  The divination was successful and he found her in company of a tall man in dark armor and a woman with fiendish features, the same woman they had fought at the Thirsty Throat tavern before the Night of Chaos.  Using deduction and all the information gathered, the group had enough reason to believe that the tailor Barnabas was working with Lord Urmbrusk to use Felnarra and her oracular abilities to locate the magical poem for some nefarious plan. They would have to strike quickly to ensure Orkalion's safety.

Oddly enough, Barnabas moved first.  He sent an invitation to the group, offering them the chance to discuss with him in person at his mansion.  All felt it was a trap but they had no other choice but to accept.  

The next evening, the group met with the tailor Barnabas in his residence and strangely enough, the old man seemed as surprised by their visit and they were by his invitation.  After a long discussion, the group convinced Barnabas that they were not threatening his reputation and that, on the contrary, his association with criminals could only result in a loss of customers and in the end of his role as the man behind fashion in Waterdeep.At the end of the meeting, Barnabas secretly gave a bit of paper to Petyr, asking them to join him later that night in the Garden of Heroes.  Clearly, the man knew some important information that he was afraid of giving in the presence of his retinue.

 Afraid a quick return to the orphanage for a meal and some preparation, the group took a cab that brought them to the entrance of the large public park, completely empty at that late hour.  Waiting next to the future statue to Piergeiron the Paladinson, former Open Lord, the group finally met with Barnabas who revealed that he was indeed an associate of the mysterious man in the black full plate but that their was association was done unwillingly. 

At first, Barnabas had been hired by a group of nobles to design a set of masks for some type of secret society and the man sent by the nobles to collect the masks.  The impressive warrior then told Barnabas that he would sometimes need his tailor shop at night for some of his operations and clearly gave him no choice but to accept. Barnabas also told them that it was because of afraid of the "man in black" that he hired the Red Rubies. Before he had the chance to continue the discussion, a group of creatures charged the, forcing Barnabas to flee while the group protected his retreat.

The creatures, four unidentifable drakes and four small trolls were perfectly organized and, as the trolls were attacking directly the investigators, most of the drakes were trying to flank them while another was tracking the poor tailor. After a long game of cat and mouse, the heroes finally brought down the trolls and two of the drakes but the two remaining were getting closer and closer to their prey. Unfortunately, only Ayanna was close enough to protect Barnabas and she was engaged with one of the remaining monsters when the other one took a large bite off the tailor's side, killing him almost instantly.  

Then the creature did the most horrible thing: he started to eat its victim!  As it had swallowed the head, the drake started to draw Barnabas' soul out of his body, swallowing it as easlily as it had done for the body. Ayanna finally managed to kill the last beast, horrified by what it had done.  In the minutes following the end of the battle, the watch arrived, alerted by the screams of the victim.

Rapidly, the situation evolved negatively as Rhivaun commented on the time the officers took to come to the rescue, calling them incompetents. Petyr, trying to protect his friend, used sarcasm on one of the officers who decided to arrest them, accusing them of insulting the watch and obstructing the law.  Mersenne, who was outraged at the tyrannical attitude of the officer, tried to convince him to change his mind, only bringing down the wrath of the watchman against him as well.  

While Rhivaun and Petyr were brought to the judge, Mersenne fled the scene, watchmen running after him.  The rest of the group returned quickly to Stardust Hall, alerting their superiors about Rhivaun and Petyr's arrestations.  

The night ended with Rhivaun and Petyr being sentenced for 3 days of jail and fined while Mersenne called for diplomatic immunity, revealing himself as a member of the tethyrian nobility to escape the judge.   





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