The Grey Beast (formerly Elril Brokengulf)

Mad leader of the Scarred Beasts. A former noble who turned into a dangerous sociopath worshipping Malar the Beast God


Elril Brokengulf was a promising young noble who was totally devoted to his Goddess, Selûne.  As a natural lycanthrope, he was not allowed to inherit from his family so he devoted most of his time to the Church and to his passions: exploration and hunting.

In the Year of the Prince (1357 DR), he was asked to lead a mission of exploration on an island South of the Jungles of Chult with a few clerics of Selûne and volunteers. While exploring the island, Brokengulf was ambushed by a black dragon and horribly disfigured.  Succombing to the rage inherent to his inner beast, a badger, the ranger slaughtered any living creature present, from the native tabaxi to the soldiers that were guarding the base camp of the selûnites.  Cornered by the expedition’s religious leader, Vivian Stardust, and her men, Brokengulf fled in the Jungle never to be heard of….until his return as the leader of a fanatical group of gangers, the Scarred Beasts.

At first, it seemed that the malarite street gang was just a tool manipulated by one of the powerful groups in town, an information that was later confirmed when a young group of investigators learned that the Grey Beast was one of the leaders of the returned Shadow Thieves in the city.

More recently, after an attack to steal the Dragonstaff of Ahghairon, it was revealed that the Scarred Beasts had stopped cooperating with the Shadow Thieves and the mysterious group that seemed to benefit from all the chaos in town. Grey Beast’s secret identity was also revealed as the investigators exposed the fact that he had been selected as the new Open Lord’s bodyguard, Orlen Grageon. The mad lycanthrope was trying to infect Open Lord Caladorn with lycanthropy and almost succeeded.

The Grey Beast new goal is simple: spread chaos in the City of Splendors and bring down the laws until only one remains: the law of the Jungle. 

On the 4th day of Mirtul,  the Grey Beast was killed by Rhivaun Silvermantle of Selûne after the cleric and his group of friends infiltrated his lair for the second time and attacked him and his bodyguards.  With the help of the Force Grey, it seems that the street gang has been dismantled.


The Grey Beast (formerly Elril Brokengulf)

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