Leader of the Waterdhavian Banites and one of the leaders of the conspiration


Seen by Arya in a vision, killing Doctor Jevasic with an adamantine maul and in a scrying by Petyr, accompanying the kidnappers of Felnarra Orkalion in what seemed to be the Ardeep Forest.

From what Glavin Barnabas said before his death, this mysterious warrior could be more than one person.  Actually, Barnabas said that on one meeting with the intimidating warrior, he remembered the voice from his time at the court of King Alemander.

Also suspected of being the killer of Mersenne's mother in 1358.

Known as a crusader of Bane, student of the Knight Imperceptor Teldorn Darkhope in Mintar. The crimelord is feared in Waterdeep’s underworld and known to be an expert breeder of surnatural creatures who developed the ability to infuse creatures with the power of the Black Hand.

Revealed to be Elroar Sakhar, a member of the Tethyrian royal family who survived the Black Days of Eleint. Later became known as Daveak Chorster, leader of the Red Rubies and second in command of Waterdeep’s watch. He orchestrated the death of all the people who could identify him as a former cousin to the Tethyrian royalty.

Killed in a fight in Sakhar’s fortress outside of Waterdeep. Sustained an impressive amount of damage but finally fell after one of Petyr’s powerful spells.



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