Favian Urmbrusk

Nobleman from the Urmbrusk family, Former adventurous wizard now suspected to have become an undead


Lord Favian Urmbrusk is the nephew of the patriarch of the Urmbrusk Clan.  He is reputed to be a powerful arcanist and might be into fiend summoning. 

He is served by women who seems to all have extraplanar traits and some of them have a tattoo in the form of a unicorn head.  

Afflicted by a disease, Urmbrusk tried to turn himself into a lich but was stopped by an intervention by Thoros Droverson and his allies.  Recently, it was revealed that the nobleman might have turned himself into another kind of undead to escape death.

Destroyed by Ayanna after a violent fight with him and his summoned/bound monsters.  


Favian Urmbrusk

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