Hlanta Amcathra, formerly Melshimber

Matriarch of the Melshimber family. One of Waterdeep's most dangerous socialite.


The matriarch of the Melshimber Clan is known for her skills at manipulation and information gathering hence her reputation as one of the most dangerous person in Waterdeep.  Her family's fields of influence are numerous but most of them are linked to spying and genealogy.  The Melshimber family is also well known for their red wines.

Recently wed the Amcathra patriarch, assuming her husband's family name.  This union consolidates the two best winemakers in Waterdeep under one name.


Revealed to be the Conspiracy’s Secretary of the Arcane Arts. Was finally killed in a fight in Darkwhispers’ mansion. Before dying, she killed Ayanna Silvermantle by extracting all the water in her body.


Hlanta Amcathra, formerly Melshimber

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