High Lady Scion Kerri Assumbrar

Recently annointed High Priestess of Siamorphe


Lady Kerri Assumbrar is the eldest daughter of the Gulderhorn family, a tethyrian noble clan who fled the civil war that had brought down its royal family and many of its nobles.  Her mother, First High Lady Scion Belkerri Gulderhorn, high priestess of Siamorphe, moved her surviving family to the City of Splendors where she cemented an alliance with one of the city's noble families, the Assumbrar.

Lady Kerri was key to this alliance as she was offered to the eldest son of the Assumbrar patriarch along with a large amount of money.  In exchange of the Gulderhorns financial support, the Assumbrar would accept their in-laws within their mansion and accept to build a temple to Siamorphe.  Soon, most members of the Assumbrars were converting to the worship of the Noble Lady, thanks to the power of persuasion of Lady Belkerri.

As planned, the First High Lady Scion's daughter wed Lord Laeros in an opulent ceremony in Siamorphe's temple in front of most Waterdeep's high society.  A few years later, she became the Assumbrar patriarch's consort when her husband succeeded to his father who had died.  Lady Belkerri was more powerful than ever.  

This all changed when, on the second day of Alturiak of the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR, current year) , the real power behind the throne of the Assumbrar family was assassinated in a procession honoring a deceased noble.  As a faith organized around many strict traditions, it was decided that the eldest descendant of the deceased First High Scion would assume her parent's role as the head of the church.

Not yet prepared to take the mantle of high priestess, Lady Kerri is still under the wing of her prior, the Count Scion Adogeon Estelmer.  She uses her talents for diplomacy to lead her faithful but some rumors are spreading about the fact that she isnt even a real priestess…


High Lady Scion Kerri Assumbrar

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