Harald "Growl" Amdahl

Ferocious werebear, member of Arkim's pack


Harald Amdahl was born in a small community of lycanthropes deep in the High Forest and learned the warrior's way from his father, one of the community's leader.

He also inherited his faith from his parents and became a devout follower of the Silver Lady, hunting the corrupted lycanthropes of Faerun's greatest forest. Harald's life changed when a group of explorers from the City of Splendors went deep within the woods to explore an old ruin that was known by the local lycanthropes to be an acursed place.

Foolishly, the young adventurers dimissed every warnings about the ruins and entered the small elven keep only to be attacked by a pack of werebats led by a shaman of the Beastlord.  One of them, a ranger, was infected with lycanthropy and later went mad and turned into a monster, enjoying the killings and the destruction he and his packmates spreaded.  

Soon, the mad werebeast turned his attention on Harald's community.  He was recognized by the young werebear as one of the adventurers who passed through the village a few months earlier, a ranger from Waterdeep named Arkin Tossum.  Fortunately, the battle was won by the villagers but not before some of Harald's friends went down against Tossum.

Swearing an oath to avenge his friends, the white werebear left his family and started to hunt down the cruel monsters responsible for the deaths of his friends.  After a few months in the woods, he heard that one of them, was rescued by clerics of Selûne and brought back to Waterdeep.  Wishing to make the monster pay, Harald left the High Forest for the City of Splendors with the intention to finish his hunt.  After a fight inside the magnificient House of the Moon, where he was subdued by an legion of templars and clerics, Harald learned the true story of his quarry and accepted to make peace with him, even accepting to help the ranger's efforts to atone for his sins.

Spending time together, the two lycanthropes discovered that had alot in common and soon became good friends.  Harald even accepted to join Tossum in missions for the church, hunting down malarites and other monsters.  

Soon, Harald was happy with his new life in the city, working with his pack under the guidance of the Silver Lady.  He now acts as Arkin's second-in-command in their loose hunting pack.  They do not work directly under the authority of anyone even though they are devout followers of the Moonmaiden.

Secretly a member of the Pact of the New Moon, a sect of Selûnites who represent the primal facet of the Moonmaiden, hunting down cultists of Malar and evil lycanthropes.

They are sometimes considered heretics by the orthodox clerics of their faiths so they hide their affiliation.

Like the rest of his pack, Harald is wanted for the murders of Lady Aridarye Phylund and her son, Urtos III.



Harald "Growl" Amdahl

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