Galvin Barnabas

Fashion designer specialized in costumes. Really popular among the nobility. Killed in an ambush in the Heroe's Garden


Galvin Barnabas was a merchant and artisan specialized in costumes and masks for the nobility.  He was really popular among the upper class and literally decided what was in fashion in the city. 

Known for his photographic memory and his perfectionnism, Barnabas owned a shop in Trades Ward and a mansion in North ward.  He was married with the niece of an influent leader of the nobility and considered among the influential men in Waterdeep for his many contacts and allies.  

He was killed in an ambush in the Heroe's Garden when a pack of strange ambush drakes and forest trolls attacked him when he was revealing some details about his deal with a strange warrior in a black armor.  His soul was destroyed by one of the drakes at the end of the operation.


Galvin Barnabas

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