Duke Pryden Greatshout of Daggerford

Last member of the Greatshout family, hereditary holders of Daggerford. Secretly a banite working with the conspirators


The last remaining member of the rulers of Daggerford, Pryden Greatshout had lost most of his power thanks to the charter signed by his ancestor that turned the city into an oligarchy. Respecting the deal made at the charter's signature, the duke remained as the social face of the council of the guilds but had lost much of his power.  

On the fifteenth day of Kythorn 1373, a group of adventurers investigating the death of one of the group's mother stumbled on a temple of Bane underneath the city and were confronted by a knight wearing a golden armor.  The said knight was the duke, revealed to be a follower of the the Black Hand.  Even though he was protected by a beholder and a construct shaped like the symbol of Bane, he was easily killed by Arya and Rhivaun.  


Duke of Daggerford

Duke Pryden Greatshout of Daggerford

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