Cynzia Wesberry

Sembian merchant visiting Waterdeep. Secretly a priestess of Selûne leading a lycanthrope sect of selûnites


Coming from a moderately powerful merchant family, Cynzia works as a traveling agent for her family's trading coaster.  She is negociating deals with other merchant clans, noble families and powerful individuals, building up her clan's list of business partners.  A fact that most of these partners ignore is that Cynzia, along with some her family members, are werewolves.  No one knows for sure when or how lycanthropy started in the Wesberry family but almost all her direct family is living with the " blessing of Selûne. 

As such, the Wesberries are almost all devotees of the Moonmaiden, venerating the Mother of lycanthropes who helped a few ancestors in controlling the beast within.  Cynzia pushed this devotion a bit farther and became a priestess of the Lady, pursuing her career as a ranger as well.  

A few years ago, Cynzia met Feena of Archwood, another sembian werewolf who had refounded an old order of lycanthropes fighting the followers of Malar.  Concerned by the numbers of attacks of feral lycnathropes in the area recently and convinced by the priestess' arguments, Cynzia joined the Pact of the New Moon, considered by most orthodox selûnites as an heresy.  She proposed herself as an itinerant agent and recruiter for the Pact and left Sembia, traveling to the Western Heartlands and Waterdeep.

Her first recruits were a pack of vigilantes led by a werebat named Arkin Tossum.  Tossum was almost considered persona non grata at the House of the Moon and was easily convinced, having already chosen evil lycanthropes as the main focus of his hunt.

Wesberry is now trying to convince the patriarch of the Phylund family, Urtos II to join their ranks.  Phylund was infected with lycanthropy recently by the Scarred Beasts in an attemp to rest the control of his family by his mother-in-law.  Phylund is currently having problems controlling his new condition and slowly, the sembian is helping him in accepting his state.

The sembian priestess is considered an important witness in the affair concerning the murders of Lady Aridarye Phylund and her son, Urtos III.

Killed in the fight with Ricamros Gundwynd in Castle Waterdeep.


Cynzia Wesberry

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