Former Open Lord of Waterdeep. Replaced by a greater doppleganger


One of the best blades in the City of Splendors.  Was apointed Open Lord after Piergieron Paladinson's death.

On the first of Mirtul of the Year of Rogue Dragons, Caladorn was freed by adventurers working for the Church of Selûne.  He had been captured by his bodyguard, revealed to be the leader of the malarite street gang, the Scarred Beasts. Tortured and infected with a powerful fungus, he fortunately resisted the curse and was freed from it. He is however in a deep coma and seems to still be infected by some sort of disease that mutates his skin.

It was recently revealed that the Open Lord Caladorn had been replaced by a greater doppleganger.  It is this doppleganger that is affected by the mutating fungus created by the agents of Malar.  Caladorn's real body was never found.



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