Azavar Taldilinlhûn

Oldest Brother of Arya. The calm and pious member of her family


Killed by mysterious assaillants at the Temple of the Seldarine.  They mutilated his body and stole his head, preventing any interrogation.  It was revealed that they even stole his soul.

Aria also discovered that her brother Azavar was working for Elaith Craulnober and investigating the Crown of Aleovan.  His murder might be linked to the Crown even though racist comments were found on the scene.

While investigating his death, the Stardust Hall heroes discovered two of Azavar’s biggest secrets: he was working to redeem many criminals in Waterdeep (including Elaith Craulnober) and he was a member of the Lords of Waterdeep!


Azavar Taldilinlhûn

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