Ayanna Silvermantle

Easy-going and curious martial artist living in Waterdeep's Selune's orphanage.


Catfolk (Tabaxi), F, Swordsage 11, Master of Nine 4 CG

Abilities :

Str 12, Dex 22, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 12

HP 102 (132), AC 37, touch 27, flat-foot 29

Init 13, Move 40 ft (50 ft)

Saves :
Fort 12, Refl 20, Will 18 ("+"2 vs poison (cloak) ( "+"@ in SH stance)

Attacks :
Melee "+"12, ranged "+"19

Racial Features :
low-light vision, "+"1 nat. armor, lvl.adjust "+"1, fav.class ranger

Languages :
Common, Chondathan, Tabaxi, Eleven, Illuskan, Alzhedo

Class Features :

simple wpns, martial melee wpns
unarmed strike (as monk)
AC bonus (Wis to AC)
Discipline focus (wpn focus (Shadow Hand → dagger, short sword, unarmed strike, etc)
Discipline focus (insightful strike (Shadow Hand))
Quick to act ’+’3
Sense magic
Defensive Stance (Shadow Hand)
Dual Stance
Perfect form
Counter Stance

Feats :
Shadow Blade, wpn finesse, Adaptative Style, Blind-Fight, Luck of Heroes, Guerillia Scout (Heroes of Battle)

Skills :
Listen 23, spot 12, balance 11, jump 25, tumble 25, knowledge local 20, martial lore 11(13), hide 26, move silently 27, sense motive 21, concentration 22, open lock 9, sleight of hands 9

Equip :

shortswd "+"1 keen
metalline short sword "+"1
least electric crystal
lesser acid crystal
cold iron dagger
6 daggers, light crossbow mw & 18 bolts
4 mw daggers
silver shortsword,
4 handaxes "+"2

spidersilk "+"2 of fire resist (5) & iron ward diamond crystal
monk’s belt
healing belt

helm of angels
hat of disguise
blindfold of blindsight

amulet of nat armor "+"4 con "+"4
vest of resistance "+"3

magic bedroll
sandals of light step
acrobat boots

Bracers of blinding strike ( "+"2 init; 3 charges, 1 charge donne 1 atk de plus dans une full atk)
Gloves of dex "+"4

Ring of sound resist (10)
Ring of fire resist 20
Ring of protection ’+’4

least revealing wpn crystal
least fire resist armor crystal

bag of holding II waterproof

white cloak of the spider (CL6) ("+"2 saves vs poisons, spider climb 1/day, hold person 1/day)

backpack, whistle, holy symbol, whetstone, fishhook+rod, silk rope, cloak, mask
waterskin, inkpen, papercase, 6 parchements, 2 pouches, 2 sunrods

33 318 gp; perle 100gp, onyx 80gp

Bag of holding type II waterproof (peut ĂȘtre ouvert sous l’eau)

Maneuvers : (readied 12)

Child of shadows (S), Step of the wind (S), Assassin’s stance (S), Leaping Dragon Stance (S), Hearing the Air (S), Balance on the Sky (S)

1: Burning blade, Mighty Throw, Sudden Leap

2: Fire Riposte, Mountain Hammer

3: Mind over Body, Strength Draining Strike, Shadow Garrote

4: Firesnake, Bone Splitting Strike, Ruby Nightmare Blade

5: Soaring Throw, Dancing Mongoose, Shadow Stride

6: Greater Insightful Strike , Rabid Bear Strike, Crushing Vice, Ring of Fire

7: Ancient Mountain Hammer, Swooping Dragon , Shadow Blink

8: Diamond Defenses


Ayanna Silvermantle

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