Ashraf Al-Jabari

A scholar in the way of the sword, residing in South Ward


Born in a minor noble family of Calimport, Ashraf was raised in opulence by his parent's slaves.  Left without much parental counsel, the young noble discovered the decadent and dangerous criminal world as he reached his teens and would have been dead if a total stranger coming from a distant land had not intervened. 

This foreigner, a master swordsman, took Ashraf under his wing and initiated him to the Sublime Way, a set of martial techniques and principles that he had learned from many cultures around the world.  The Sublime Way slowly turned the bored, careless young calishite into a living weapon who saw combat as an art more than as a solution.  

Encouraged by his mentor, Ashraf left Calimport at the end of his training and traveled Faerun, visiting distant places as far as Shou Lung and Rashemen to learn about their way of life and their combat style. He even brought back with him traditions and manners from all over the world, traditions that he integrated into his way of life.  

Returning to his birthplace after a few years, he took an apprentice, a talented girl but ended her apprenticeship after she showed more interest into the art of the kill than the Sublime Way's principles.  Realizing Calimport was a corrupted city not worthy of his attention, Ashraf resumed his journey and ended up in Waterdeep, a city not known for its love of calishites.  

After years, Ashraf finally found two worthy candidates for apprenticeship, two orphans living in Stardust Hall.  Living next to the place, he convinced the director of the orphanage, to let him begin their training.  The two kids are very different from each other but they both have the devotion and passion to become master swordsages like him.  He finally found someone ready to receive the knowledge that the mysterious stranger passed him years before.

Ashraf disappeared while investigating the rumors of a calishite assassin working in the streets of Waterdeep. It turned out to be a former student of his, who had became the Shadow Thieves’ operational leader, the Silhouette of Shadows. Beaten by his former student thanks to the help of a much more powerful crusader of Bane, Ashraf was tortured and drugged, becoming a living weapon for the Guild until released in Darromar by his former student, Ayanna.


Ashraf Al-Jabari

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