Aria Taldilinlhûn

parkour loving rogue


rogue 16; cn; 

medium humanoid (elf);

hp 126; init 5; spd 30 ft;

ac 33; touch 24; flat-footed 27; base atk 12/7/+2; grp +15;

Unarmed strike
13/8 1d3+2/2x;
20/15/10 1d66/18-20; rapier 3 impaling (3/day melee as touch);
18/13/8 1d6+4/18-20; rapier 1 lesser cold (1d6 cold);
18/13/8 1d8+3/x3; Frost composite mighty long bow (100’) (1d6 cold);

low light vision; immune to magical sleep
sv fort 13, ref +17, will +9; 2 vs. enchantments
str 16, dex 21, con 18, int 16, wis 12, cha 10.

Skills:balance +19, climb +16, disable device +21, hide +20, jump +18, listen +21, move silently +19, open lock +23,  search +20, spot +20, tumble +25, use magic device +20;

Feats:alertness, armor profic. light, martial weapon profic. elf/rogue, simple weapon proficiency, weapon finesse, acrobatic backstab, back on your feet, merciful strike (-1d6 for non lethal damage), combat reflexes, Saavy Rogue (Complete Scoundrel p80)

snk atk 8d6, evasion, trap find, trap sense +5, improved uncanny dodge, crippling strike (2pt str dmg), opportunist

hat of disguise, 3rd eye of clarity, vanisher cloak, amulet of natural armor/constitution 4/4, vest of resistance 2, bracers of quick strike, gloves dex/str +2/2, ring of protection +4, ring of freedom of movement, ring of x-ray vision, boots of swift passage, mithril chain shirt +3, MW buckler, helm of glorious recovery, wand of scorching ray, tenser’s floating disc, blindfold of true darkness, eternal wand of greater invisibility, 


“No one calls me Galarianna.  Not my parents, not my brothers (except when they lecture me), no one.  I do love my name though.  It lends itself to pseudonyms so well – Gala, Galar, Ala, Aria, Ria, Riann… 

In a way, I get to reinvent myself with every new name and every new group of adventurers. 
Gala picked up with a great group.  They were experienced adventurers who had carved a nice niche for themselves.  They knew their limits, paid well and I liked them.  But short lives being what they were, before I knew it, everyone eventually wanted to retire.  They loved hearing my stories of life on the road, and wagged their fingers when I “lured” their little ones to the adventurer’s life, but always with big grins…  I miss those guys.
Naira worked with the Swift Action – a group known for their quick results.  They were a lot of fun, but threw caution to the wind in a way that only short lives could.  I don’t know how many times I had told them that the traps in that cave were beyond what we could handle.  They thought I was scared.  What I don’t understand is what part of “scared trap finder” is worth ignoring…  Those lives were shorter than most.
That is what brought me to Waterdeep brother.  I definitely needed to get away from life on the road.
The orphanage?  Well that was just chance.  I had relieved a window sill of a tray of sweet breads that were obviously up to no good (stop rolling your eyes!) and I was determining whether I could balance a tray of sweet breads while walking across the top of a wall- not quite.
But that is when I saw them- the oddest group of dirty, hungry looking, little short lives I had ever seen.  I wondered if the orphanage was having a hard time feeding the children.  It turned out that because they had “liberated” a better part of the previous evening’s desserts, they were to fast and consider their deed.
How could I resist sharing with such enterprising spirits?  
No, I am not going to bring them home with me- they have a home.  Besides, they are far too young to go adventuring with yet.
What?  I never said that I was going to stop adventuring!  I said that I needed to get away from life on the road.  There are tons of adventures to be had in a city like Waterdeep!
Why are you rubbing your temples?  Are you getting a headache?"

Aria Taldilinlhûn

City of Splendors: Waterdeep 4ndr34