Alban "Sapphiredge"

Haughty and confident orphan studying the path of the swordsage


Swordsage student, specialized in the Diamond mind discipline. Alban recently joined the Red Ruby mercenary forces, a group responsible for the protection of Waterdeep’s wealthy districts. His mastery of tactics and his leadership recently led his superiors to grant him the rank of Shieldlar (lieutenant) in the new Guard, a fusion of the Watch (police force) and the Guard (army).

Alban is a fifteen years old aasimar with pure sapphire eyes and radiant golden hair.  He clearly looks otherwordly and radiates some supernatural presence.  The young boy usually wears blue tunics that he bought with the money working for the Red Rubies.  He never leaves his golden hilted rapier given by his master, Ashraf Al-Jabari.



Named Senior Civiliar of South Ward after his participation in the fight and the conspirators.


Alban was dropped at the doors of the House of the Moon in 1356 DR by an unknown woman.  He never knew his parents and was raised by the selûnites then transferred to Stardust Hall when the orphanage opened. 

Because of his celestial heritage, Alban claims to be related to the god Lathander, the Morninglord.  This explains his haughty demeanor.  

Alban "Sapphiredge"

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