Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober

Elven merchant and landowner with a sinister reputation


A mysterious figure in Waterdeep, Elaith Craulnober is feared by many citizens and admired by others.  He is seen as a ruthless business man who doesnt tolerate failure and who acts harshly against anyone who slighted him.  Craulnober is reputed to be as expert with a blade as he is with the Art.  His foul temper and his quick reflexes gave him his nickname: The Serpent.

What is known about this powerful moon elf is that he came in Waterdeep from an elven realm and rapidly became an influent merchant and landowner.  Some say he is as powerful as many nobles within the city and is very influent among elves, acting as a moneylender for the elven community.  

The rumor says he is a crime lord who controls Waterdeep's black market but no one never found any evidence to confirm these accusations.  There is even a rumor that Craulnober made his fortune by trading magical items and stolen goods from dead adventuring parties he hired. Again, no one can confirm these affirmations even though many adventurers he hired actually never returned…

The influent elven merchant is a known associate of many elven families, including Arya's.  Her twin brothers, controlling their family's business as the patriarch and matriarch are away, are cooperating with The Serpent on many operations including the research of long lost elven artefacts from the Ardeep Forest.


Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober

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