Concubine of Balthus Amcathra


A recurrent presence at the Lucky Cat, this gorgeous lady, always dressed in the most expensive dresses that follow the current waterdhavian fashion, is the mistress of Lord Balthus Amcathra.

No one knows much about her save that the impulsive nobleman considers her his good luck charm.  The woman never plays but always sit next to him while he plays.  

The party met her while observing Lord Amcathra playing with members of the Scarred Beasts and a mercenary.  She did not engaged in a conversation with them but it appears that she has the ability to see through magical disguise and even through Rhivaun's alternate form.

Lady Cyrah has a distinctive mark on her collarbone that is difficult to see save for those with perceptive eyes.  The mark represents a unicorn head. 



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