Brian "The Swordmaster"

Former member of the Guard and Waterdeep's best swordsmith/armorsmith


Known to be the best smith in Waterdeep and maybe even on the Sword Coast, Brian the Swordmaster is also one of South Ward's most notable resident. 

For twelve years before the opening of his forge, Brian was a member of the Guard assigned to South ward's gate.  Back then, he was known for his simple yet efficient way of thinking and his physical strength.  Even though he was not working directly with the citizens, Brian was often visiting the ward's taverns and discussing with the patrons, gaining their trust with his simple yet direct way of looking at things.

When he grew tired of public service, Brian used his pension as a valabrar (major) of the army to open his forge and transformed his passion for swords into his new job.  Within a few months, Brian built himself a long list of customer, the most important one being his former employer.

The old smith is a close neighbor of Stardust Hall and is often consulted by the authorities of the orphanage when something important happens in South ward. He accepted to fund and equip the milicia organized by the adventurers of Stardust Hall to remove the Scarred Beast threat and is known to fund adventuring parties who work to protect Waterdeep.

Brian is also a friend of Waterdeep's finest blades including: Caladorn Cassalanter, Lord Taeros Bladesemmer and Ashraf Al-Jabari.


Brian "The Swordmaster"

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