Horil "Kevfalcon"

Former resident of Stardust Hall, adopted son of the deceased owner of the Midnight's Sun tavern


Unlike many half-orcs, Horil was not the product of an orcish rape on a human woman but from the loving union of two waterdhavian half-orcs who died of a disease before the Time of Troubles.  As an orphan from South ward, he was sent to Stardust Hall and became a serious student under the tutelage of Moonmother Stardust and the other teachers.  

At fourteen years old, Horil was already one of the strongest children in Stardust Hall.  This particular aptitude caught the attention of Belril Kevfalcon, the owner of the Midnight's Sun tavern, when he stopped a brawl before Belril even realized it!  Kevfalcon, who had lost his two sons in an accident and who had grown fond of the powerful half-orc, proposed to adopt him and to offer him a good job as his bouncer.  With Moonmother Stardust's blessing, Horil accepted and took his adoptive father's surname.

He was saved from the Scarred Beasts by his friends from Stardust Hall after he was kidnapped by the gang to be used in a ritual hunt. The savages burned down the Midnight's Sun and killed his adoptive father as a message to all who would oppose them.

After he recovered from his injuries, Horil was offered a job at Stardust Hall by Rhivaun.  Knowing he could not avenge his adoptive father directly, he accepted the offer, swearing on his life to protect Stardust Hall's young occupants like Vivian and Belril did for him.


Horil "Kevfalcon"

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