A recluse orphan having hard times learning about his sorcerous powers


Abandonned by his parents, Davendithas "Daven" is an aloof teenager with issues.  First he has the usual problem of half-breeds, feeling apart from his parents' respective cultures.  He also discovered not so long ago that he possessed sorcerous powers that are extremely difficult to control. He incinerated a tree in Stardust Hall courtyard a year ago while fighting one of the orphanage's bullies. 

Daven is now under the supervision of both Thoros Droverson and one sorceress from the watch who gives advices on how to control and harness his magical might. Even though he has a hot temper, Daven is still a benevolent child ready to help his friends if needs be, trying to fit by doing so.

No one knows why his parents abandonned him but some suspect it might be related to the half-elf's magical talent.



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