One of Stardust Hall volunteers


A few years ago, Carella, a chambermaid in her thirties, moved from her home city of Loudwater and became a citizen of Waterdeep's south ward.  Working in a few taverns and inns, she heard about a new orphanage being opened in the neighborhood and went to offer her services to Stardust Hall's director, Moonmother Vivian Stardust.

Carella's experience and her love of children were exactly what the priestess was seeking in a caretaker for the orphans.  Acting as a maid, a seamstress and an assitant to the cook Brestine, Carella rapidly became one the children's favorites mostly because of the gifts that she offers them on their birthdays!

Few things are known about Carella's private life since she is very discreet and never answer questions about it.  The only places in Waterdeep she visits are the House of the Moon, her appartment, Nindil Jalbuck's grocery store and Stardust Hall.

Some claim that the reason she moved to Waterdeep is that she lost her child back in Loudwater or that he was kidnapped and brought back to the City of Splendors and she is desperately searching for him…

Carella recently revealed to Mersenne that she moved in Waterdeep to find her sister and her nephew.  Unfortunately, her sister was already dead when she reached the City of Splendors and she never found any traces of the child.  




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