Stardust Hall cook


Coming from a huge family of dock workers, Brestine learned young how to cook for a large amount of people and to design meals with a few ingredients.  When she was old enough to work, she was hired as an assistant cook in one of Dock ward's taverns and learned the trade with her employer, an halfling coming from the Dales, with whom she exchanged receipes and techniques.

A few years later, Brestine was offered a job as the head cook of a inn in South ward, Tymora's Blessing.  She remained in its kitchen for more than thirty years before retiring in her small appartment on the High Road. However, she did not remained inactive and offered her services to the priests of Ilmater who were giving food to the poor in the neighborhood.

When Brestine heard the churches of the Moonmaiden and of the Broken God were opening an orphanage in the area, she volunteered and was immediately hired as Stardust Hall cook.

Brestine is fond of children and knows by heart all of the residents' culinary likes and dislikes. Her cakes and her salmon saute in arabellan cheddar sauce are known in all South ward and even beyond!



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