Brandon "The Stern"

Stardust Hall administrator


Hired by one of Waterdeep's moneylender, Brandon became an expert administrator and a master of numbers, rapidly creating a vast network of relations and contacts for himself.

After a few years under the tutelage of his rich employer, Brandon left the moneylender and offered his services to noble houses and churches, solving their financial or administrative problems.  He received nis nickname "The Stern" from clerics of Tymora opposed to his cold ways in the administration of a bankrupt feasthall in Trades ward.

Recently, Felnarra Orkallion, the House of the Moon's prior, hired Brandon as an administrator and tutor of Stardust Hall after what she considered were irresponsible decisions from the director, Moonmother Vivian Stardust.  Even though he is not very popular among the staff or the children, Brandon remains coldly in control of all the day to day organization of the orphanage, from the budget to the salaries.  He leaves the educative aspects to Moonmother Stardust but expects to be consulted whenever she needs to make an important decision. 

He does not appreciate the young teachers who see themselves as South ward's vigilantes but tolerates them because of the low cost they represent comparing to what professional teachers would cost.


Brandon "The Stern"

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