Alvis Kilbride

Stardust Hall gardener and physical trainer


Even though he is way past his prime, Alvis Kilbride remains one of Stardust Hall's best athletes thanks to his training as a monk of the Broken God, Ilmater. 

Born in Mulmaster a little more than thirty years ago, Alvis soon realized that life was harsh and unfair thanks to the machinations of the many evil factions present in the City of Danger.  Hoping to help the poor and defenseless but realizing that he alone could not change a city so deeply corrupted, he left his family and joined the ranks of an organization that he considered as a ray of hope: the church of Ilmater.  

Trained in the arts of combat and in the holy ways, Alvis became one of Ilmater's sacred fists, a fighting priest specialized in unarmed combat.  With his words and his actions, he would destroy the cruel or convert them and would help the weak endure the hardships of life.

After he finished his training at the monastery, Alvis was ordered to report to the Hospice of St. Laupsenn in Waterdeep.  He would finish his training there and would help the small congregation of ilmaterites in the City of Splendors.  Even though the city had a reputation of being one of the wealthiest in Faerun, Alvis rapidly found people who could receive the Broken God's merciful touch.  Spending his days and some of his nights outside in Dock and South wards, the monk brought hope and joy to the homeless and the despaired, fighting all kinds of monsters in the streets.

When the church of Ilmater was invited to help their fellows from the selunite congregation, Alvis and another cleric were dispatched to help in the establishment of Stardust Hall.  The sacred fist assumed the role of physical trainer for the children and decided to tend to a small garden in the court, becoming Stardust Hall's official gardener.

When the vice-principal, Revered Brother Grellison left for a pilgrimage to Damara, a new superior was assigned to Alvis.  Even though she is younger than him, the monk respects her authority and is not interested in leadership.  He assumes perfectly his actual role and wishes to remain at the orphanage for the rest of his career.  Alvis also respects his fellows from the other church for their dedication to South ward's citizens.


Alvis Kilbride

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