High Moonmother Vivian Stardust

Former director of Stardust Hall and godmother to Rhivaun and Ayanna. Now Prior of the House of the Moon


Born in a family of artisans living in South ward, Vivian Stardust heard the call of the Moonmaiden and joined her church as one of the Called. While studying at the House of the Moon, she met with two other initiates who would become her best friends: Lyvvia Vhoonlar et Rohan Silvermantle.  After her graduation, answering her desire to explore the world, Vivian left for a few years of adventure on the Sword Coast and the fabled cities of Silverymoon and Baldur's Gate, spreading the good word of the Lady of the Moon.  She then returned to the House of the Moon and resumed her duties, giving advices to sailors, healing the sick and defending the oppressed.

One year before the Time of Troubles, she volunteered to act as the church's representative on an expedition funded by the Brokengulf family into the jungles of Chult.  She returned, almost as the sole survivor of the expedition, the next year with a small child from an unknown race of catfolk and raised the child as her adoptive daughter.  The details of the expedition are classified for most of Selûne's faithfuls and Vivian refuses to talk about the events, even to Ayanna.  

Realizing the desolation left by the war of the Gods on her beloved South ward and, some say, the atone for her sins on the fateful expedition to Chult, Vivian petitioned her superiors for some funding to open an orphanage in the district.  With the help of some important figures of Waterdeep (Morigard Dalrak, the Moonstar, Irlingstar and Margaster families) and the church of Ilmater, she took over a derelict building on the Street of Smiths and turned it into the instution dubbed by South ward's residents as Stardust Hall.

An empathic and caring priestess, Vivian was destined to become the next prior of the Priestess of the High Moonlight Nanuetha Suaril when the terrible events of the Year of the Prince (1357 DR) happened.  Now acting as one of South ward's most important figures, Moonmother Stardust is less interested in politics and more into spreading the real message of her goddess as well as keeping her godchild and her adoptive daughter from trouble.

Upon the return of the High Lady of the Moon Suaril, Vivian was selected to become the House of the Moon's new prior, leaving the orphanage in the hands of her assistant.  

Named High Priestess after the dismissal of Nanuetha Suaril for her actions before and during the events leading to the fall of the Council of Lords.


High Moonmother Vivian Stardust

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