Arkin Tossum

A rogue agent of the House of the Moon and the godfather of some members of the party


Amazingly agile and fit, Arkin doesnt appear to be a forty-two years old man.  The only thing that could reveal to onlookers that the ranger is getting old is the grey shade slowly appearing in his short spiky hair that almost look like fur. Like most infected lycanthropes, Arkin  developed over the years a few traits of the animal in him.  In his case, his ears and his nose changed to become more like a bat's.  He hides his over developed ears under a cloak but a close look can reveal that they are longer, larger and pointier than ordinary ears.  His nose is also pointy and looks a bit like a muzzle.  Arkin wears dark practical clothes when traveling or working but also owns more traditional selunite outfits when he attends to ceremonies at the House of the Moon.


This free spirit was born in Dock ward from the union of a sailor working for a mercantile company and a midwife worshipping the Moonmaiden.  As his father was always at sea, Arkin was brought up by his loving mother who introduced him to the tenets of her faith.

Working for a moment as a dockhand, Arkin soon got bored by his ordinary life and joined a few friends, leaving the City of Splendors to explore the Sword Coast and the Heartlands.  With his adventuring company, Arkin fought the Zhentarim and other evil organization, building himself a reputation of a fierce opponent and a master tracker.  As a good son and devoted worshipper, the ranger returned often to his home town, attending religious ceremonies and enjoying the tasty meals of his mother.  It is while attending to a mass that he met Lyvvia Vhoonlar and Rohan Silvermantle, two clerics who would become his two best friends.

In the year of the Dragon (1352 DR), Arkin's life changed radically when his adventuring band was ambushed in the High Forest by a group of lycanthropes.  Bitten by their leader, a werebat, Arkin was infected with lycanthropy but was successful in leading his friends out of the combat alive.  However, in the first month after the attack, he drastically changed and became more aggressive and almost killed two of his friends. Fleeing their presence and returning in the forest, he did even worse and murdered a few natives, turning from a sick man pushed by animalistic impulses to a blood thirsty monster.

Arkin roamed for one year in the North, hunting and murdering innocents, until he was captured by a group of silverstars led by his friend, Lyvvia Vhoonlar. Understanding his condition, they spared his life and brought him back to the House of the Moon to be healed and treated.  Slowly, the ranger was convinced by Lyvvia that he was not completly responsible for his actions and that with time, he would master his new condition.  Considering this as another chance to bring good to the Realms, Arkin began to repair his mistakes, pledging his life to the fight against evil lycanthropes.  He became one of Selune's champions, slowly creating an elite task force dedicated to the eradication of malarites in Waterdeep and the region.  

When Lyvvia and her husband decided to leave Waterdeep as an act of contrition, Arkin accepted to watch over their son, Rhivaun, his godson who was also an infected lycanthrope.

Arkin and his team work as operatives for the House of the Moon, tracking and fighting their ennemies.  However, he doesnt answer to them and is considered by some high ranking officials of the temple as a liability. His tactics and methods are often brutal and bloody but terribly efficient.

Arkin Tossum

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