Open Lord Ricamros Gundwynd

War hero. Recently selected has the new Open Lord after a successful purge of the city administration. Commander of the Guard, Master of the Guilds and Voice of the Council of Masked Lords.


Born in a family of illuskan descent, Ricamros Gundwynd’s height (more than seven feet tall) and his large stature are evidences of giant blood in his ancestry. Besides being one of Waterdeep’s tallest man, Lord Gundwynd is also known to be a war hero decorated many times and reputed to be a strict adherent to tradition and order.

As the second son of Lord Gundwynd, Ricamros received the best education possible for a noble, learning about politics, business, history and fencing with the best teachers his father could afford.  He proved to be an intelligent student, often outthinking his teacher, especially in the field of tactics.  Unlike many of his ancestors, Ricamros was more interested in the art of war than in the business of hippogriff taming and breeding, devoting most of his time on weapon practice and leaving the business management to his father and his sister.  

As the third child of the family, Ricamros was not in line to succeed to his father as head of the family and was given less responsabilities than his siblings.  He took this time the learn from the best warriors in the city, fighting in the Field of Triumph for many years and discovering the Sublime Way.  His major interest in tactics and military history led him to join the Guard.  His devotion to his career, his natural leadership and his efficiency made him a rising star in Waterdeep’s military and Gundwynd was soon offered dangerous assignments that brought more medals and promotions with each success.  

In the Year of the Banner (1368 DR), an exiled prince of Tethyr came to the city, asking the Lords and the nobles’ help in reclaiming his throne.  Believing he could help in bringing back order in chaos riden Tethyr and supporting the return of a just and noble king in that land, aumarr (captain) Gundwynd joined the army gathering around the prince and convinced many nobles to join under his banner.

Aumarr Gundwynd’s batallion was a key element to the victory of the royalists at Myratma and to reward his exceptionnal leadership, the newly crowned queen and her consort, King Haedrak, decorated him with the Banner of Clovis, an important military distinction. Inspired by his victories, Lord Gundwynd proposed to remain behind with his men to remove the threats from bandits and monsters in the more distant lands of the country where the news of a new royal family had not yet reached the ears of the populace.

No one had the courage to ask Lord Gundwynd what exactly happened in his time as an itinerant knight working for the crown.  What is known in Waterdeep is that the legendary soldier returned alone, sick and exhausted.  None of his noble men returned from their operation in Tethyr.  Even sources in Tethyr are unaware of what exactly caused the deaths of the ten young warriors from some of Waterdeep most influent clans. (Some suspect the tethyrian are hiding information on this matter)

Blaiming himself for that tragedy, Lord Gundwynd took a few months to accept his men’s deaths and personally offered a compensation to every family that lost a son or a daughter to his foolish expedition.  At peace after a few months of inner turmoil, he resumed his duties as an officier in the Guard, leading soldiers in skirmishes against monsters and bandits until his tactical genius was again called upon.  An army of underwater creature led by a powerful wereshark sorcerer crashed on the city, killing many citizens and disrupting Waterdeep’s main interest: commerce. All the operations of Aumarr Gundwynd were successful and saved many lives in Dock and Castle ward.  He again received a promotion, this time from the hand of the Guard’s commander, Open Lord Piergeiron.  The Paladinson also gave him a powerful enchanted sword that the war hero always caries with him.

Known for his strict adherence to law and order, valabrar (major) Gundwynd was recently appointed at the head of a commission charged of investigating the rumors of corruption within the watch. He already removed many corrupted officers from its ranks and even forced the Captain of the Watch, Rulathon, to step down.

Commissioner Gundwynd is a devoted follower of Helm, the Watcher but also reveres Tempus, Lord of Battles, Red Knight, demigoddess of strategy and Siamorphe the Noble. 


Open Lord Ricamros Gundwynd

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