Brom Adair

Distant member of the selûnite pack, specialized in reconnaissance


In the Moonshaes, the Adair family is known to be a clan of entertainers and artists wandering between the numerous isles and cities of the nation.  Unlike most lycanthropes who hide their true nature to the common folk, the Adair are proud of their heritage and use their shape as ravens and hybrids in their shows.

Brom is the blacksheep of the family.  He doesnt have any artistic talent and prefers the wild to the chaos of the cities.  He enjoys traveling and is considered by most as an asocial.  As his parents were entertaining the masses, Brom was out in the wild, exploring and learning about the Earthmother's ways.

When he became old enough, Brom left his family's caravan and ventured by himself deeper in the untamed country, becoming an expert in archery and reconnaissance.  During this time alone, Brom discovered a cult of lycanthropes dedicated to the Lord of the Hunt, Malar.  These werebeasts, mostly Northmen, were savages who enjoyed pillaging, raping and killing.  

With the help of a group of druids, Brom succeeded in removing the malarite threat but not before their leader, a mighty werewolf lord, fled by the sea.  Curious to discover the main continent and wising to finish the job, Brom took a ship and moved to Waterdeep.  There he resumed his hunt into the neighborhood of the City of Splendors, tracking the monster into the Ardeep Forest.  Fortunately for him, the werewolf berserker was also wanted by the waterdhavian authorities.  In the cave where the followers of Malar were gathered, Brom met a pack of selunites led by the ranger Arkin Tossum.  Together, the wereraven and his new allies removed the Black Blood threat from the Ardeep with a decisive victory.

Inviting Brom to join his packmates to celebrate, Tossum discovered the reclusive nature of their new friends but, convinced the youngster could help their missions, he invited him to join them.  

Even though he appreciate his new companions and love his job as the pack's scout, Brom spend most of his time outside Waterdeep, tracking on evil lycanthropes or exploring the region.  He doesnt talk much but his actions are what matter to Arkin's pack.

Secretly a member of the Pact of the New Moon, a sect of Selûnites who represent the primal facet of the Moonmaiden, hunting down cultists of Malar and evil lycanthropes.

They are sometimes considered heretics by the orthodox clerics of their faith so they hide their affiliation.

Like the rest of the pack, Brom is wanted for the murders of Lady Aridarye Phylund and her son Urtos III.


Killed in the fight against Ricamros Gundwynd in Castle Waterdeep.


Brom Adair

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