Malchor Harpell

A powerful wizard, former student to the Blackstaff. Acting Archmage as the Blackstaff is away on mission.


Former student of Waterdeep's archmage, he resides in Longsaddle but is often seen in the city.  He now helps the party with information and material ressources.  Has mysterious associates.

He was recently attacked by a large group of assassins and a magic eating creature that experts call a Nishruu.  He survived but only because a contigency was actived.  Many of his high powered magical items were lost to the magic eating monster or to the assassins that were presumably working for the Shadow Thieves of Amn. Harpell is recuperating in Blackstaff Tower under the care of clerics of Mystra.

Assassinated by the agents of the Divine Right Heresy.


Malchor Harpell

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