Felnarra Orkalion

Formerly High Initiate at the House of the Moon. Revealed to be working in the shadows to manipulate the events surrounding the conspiracy to bring Waterdeep under the influence of the nobility


As a child, Felnarra grew up in the Caravan City of Iriaebor as both her parents were working for a trading company.    As her family's patron was the Moonmaiden,she was introduced to its tenets and later decided to join as one of the Called after she showed up signs of being blessed with oracular abilities.

Even though Selûne's church is known for its diviners and seers, Felnarra was always isolated because of her uncontrollable fits of rage and her distant attitude towards her fellow initiates.  She seemed to be always focused on her career and her devotion to her goddess, to the exclusion of her participation in the social life of the temple.

A few years after her initiation into the faith, Felnarra joined an adventuring company named The Seven Shields and left Iriaebor to discover the numerous ruins dotting the Sword Coast and the Western Heartlands.  It is there, in a ruin deep within the Ardeep Forest, that the priestess discover the Crown of Selûne.  This artefact, blessed by the Moonmaiden and the Mother of Magic, was a very potent oracular device, amplifying any divinations used by its wearer. This item, used in conjunction with Felnarra's powerful oracular abilities, would make her one of the strongest seer in northern Faerun, rivalizing with some diviners from Candlekeep.

Driven by the need to explore her newfound powers and to share them with her fellow clergymen, Felnarra left the Company of the Seven Shields and asked to be accepted at the House of the Moon, one Selûne's most blessed temples.  Ambitious and totally devoted to her duties, Felnarra was clearly aiming for the office of High Priestess Suaril's prior, justifying it by a vision she had.

Unfortunately for her, her powerful ability as a seer was not what the mistress of the House of the Moon was seeking for an assistant and another candidate was preferred: Vivian Stardust.  This started a conflict between the two priestesses, both devoted to the same goddess but with a really different way of expressing it.  As Initiate Stardust started her training under the tutelage of the aging prior, Felnarra was still confined to the general duties of her rank.

All this changed when Initiate Stardust was asked to lead an expedition to the Jungles of Chult with a group of devoted explorers of the Brokengulf Clan.  The expedition returned almost a year later with less than a quarter of its members.  Feeling responsible for the expedition's failure and the deaths of both the explorers and the natives, Initiate Stardust resigned her candidacy for the office of prior and petitioned for the creation of an orphanage in South ward.

Now the sole viable candidate, Felnarra soon became the House of the Moon's prior, responsible for discipline and the day to day organization of the temple.  She is seen by most members of the Church as a rigid person who must be respected for the precious gift Selûne had given her and for the considerable political power she has. 

The few clerics who are still opposing her rigid ways are the ones residing in Stardust Hall and a few others, like Feluna Moonstar and Arkim Tossum.

On the night of the 29th of Tarsakh, Felnarra visited Stardust Hall claiming to have seen in a vision that something important would happen that night at the orphenage. Later that evening, she was strucked by another set of visions and was unable to help Morigard Dalrak when he was attacked.  She is now recovering at the House of the Moon under the supervision of some of the Church's templars since her behavior that night was suspect. 

Realizing that the clergy were not able to help her, they sent Felnarra to Wittman Institute for the mind, a specialized clinic with ties to the temple. On Shieldmeet's night, she disappeared from her cell, allegedly chosen by Shards to ascend. Her former rivals from Stardust Hall were sent to investigate this matter. 

In the aftermath of Felnarra's kidnapping by mysterious forces and her rescue by the heroes of Stardust Hall, the powerful seer returned to the House of the Moon to continue her treatments.

Felnarra was killed by Arya in an assault on her lair when it was revealed that the demented priestess was behind many evil acts in the name of the Church of the Moonmaiden.  


Felnarra Orkalion

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