City of Splendors: Waterdeep

Wonder Bringers part.2

Helping Waterdeep's little citizens

  What had started as a hunt for a criminal turned out to be more complicated as the Stardust Hall adventurers learned from the small clerics that the creature that was captured was an evil fey that appeared in the Warrens with a few others after a large in the hole in a wall was made by noble adventurers coming out of the sewers.  This hole also spilled some sewage in the tunnels, bringing diseases and rats with it.  The feys then started to attack the citizens, turning them in emotionless, helpless people.  When the clergy asked for help from the Lords and the plumber's guild, their demands were ignored, leading to a loss of confidence in the authorities. Unable to rely on the "Tall people" to remove the threats to their community, the leaders of the Warrens turned to vigilantes for help. 

These vigilantes turned out to be the Wonder Bringers, who helped the community by stopping the flow of sewage and water, and by fending off some attacks by thugs from the Scarred Beasts.  It seemed clear that the burglars were not criminals in the Warrens but saviors.  It would be tough to get help from them to track down Cobwheel.  It is again with the party's negotiation skills that they managed to get a meeting with a Wonder Bringers representative.

The party met with a gnome named Horace in Dock Ward the night after their visit to the Warrens.  Suspicious at first, he was protected by two dwarven sharpshooters hidden on the roofs of the warehouses near the meeting spot. Horace's mission was to see if the adventurers asking questions around were agents of the Scarred Beasts or just some other adventurers seeking excitement and fame.  Learning about their actions in the Underdark tavern the night before and realizing their genuine intentions to help the citizens of the "Hidden Ward", Horace accepted to organize a meeting with Nigel and was almost about to leave when he was savagely attacked from behind by a strange beast looking like an undead hunting cat (identified later as a Feral Yowler).  The two snipers supposed to protect Horace from their hideouts were mysteriously disabled by invisibles assassins as the magical blurry cat finished his job on the gnomish diplomat.  Fortunately, one of the two dwarven snipers was saved by Arya, leaving one Wonder Bringer alive to testify on the good intentions of the party.

With this testimony and the intervention of the allied churches of the Warrens, the gondar cleric turned vigilante accepted the party's offer to meet in a neutral ground, the chapel to Yondalla, Garl and Moradin. Realizing that for once, he had allies, Cobwheel explained his actions, justifying them with the apparent lack of interest from the authorities. A deal was then proposed by the selûnites: they would help remove the Joystealer threat and in exhange, the Wonder Bringers would give back the stolen weapons.  Cobwheel would also need to accept a meeting with his former high priestess.  In good faith, since he was really working to the improvement of the small citizens' lives, Cobwheel accepted the deal and he charged his men to move all the unaffected citizens in a school near the temple.  There the adventurers would bait the evil feys and capture or eliminate them.

After hours of patience, the two small-sized feys answered the call and one was easily dispatched by the might of the five adventurers.  The other fled through a wall but was caught and killed in an alley after a small chase. True to his word, the gnome leader to the Safebreakers' Guild organized the return of the stolen weapons in return of total immunity for him and his men as well as some help from the Church of Selûne to solve the other problems of the underground district. The only unsolved mystery on this investigation was the extinction of all the forges in the city as prophecized by a young nomad in Daggerford.



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