City of Splendors: Waterdeep

Scapegoats part. 2

Tracking the people responsible for the assassination attempts on religious authorities

Using information given by Aloryl, the group arrive at Gondalim's, a Trades Ward feasthall where Abryram Actonessen is supposed to hang out.  He is supposed to be an important agent of the Margaster noble family who resides in Waterdeep in winter.  He spents most of his time at Gondalim's gambling and spending his large salary.

Using disguise and trickery, they finally met with the man, discussing with him for a while.  Unfortunately, Abryram was far better at evaluating characters and soon realized something was wrong.  He politely left the table to finish the evening in company of an "entertainer" but also called for a messenger to be sent to his room.  

Soon after, the young boy left with a message that was intercepted by Ayanna.  The letter was adressed to a group of thugs that Abryram often hired to "solve" problems around his business.  This time the problem was the party.

Realizing that the merchant had just threatened their lives and those of the orphans of Stardust Hall, they moved against him.  Using magic and strength, they entered his room and knocked him and his concubine out, transporting him to the Warrens for interrogation.  

He was less talkative than Aloryl and refused to even aknowledge any involvment in the events that happened two days before. Using his status as an agent of an important noble clan, Abryram was answering to the party's threats by his own.  Seeing that their methods were not giving results, Rhivaun called for the help of Arkim Tossum, his godfather. Using unorthodox methods that made Drudarch and Ayanna uneasy, Arkin sucessfully made Abryram talk, revealing that he was indeed the one who hired Aloryl and the bards responsible for the riot in Castle Ward. The caravaneer also reavealed that he was working for an unknown organization powerful enough to pay him large sums for his services.  

Since they had proof that some elements in the watch were corrupted, Rhivaun proposed to give their new prisonner to the church of Siamorphe since his actions had led to the death of their high priestess. By doing so, the group made strong allies in the church of the Noble Lady.

As another suspect turned into a scapegoat, the young investigators resumed their search for the real culprit, this time breaking into a Margaster warehouse in South Ward. In Abryram's office, the found proof of his employers intentions to pinpoint Craulnober as the one behind these attacks.  Unfortunately the motives were not in the letters. 

Exploring the building, Arya discovered a secret passage leading to an underground room with an access to the sewers.  This underground complex, the remnants of a secret hideout for the Margaster family, was filled with traps, critters (rats, a choker and a gelatinous cube) and sewage that finally led to a small alcove hidden behind a secret door.  This alcove was the lair of a strange burned out elf wizard who immediately tried to kill the invaders.  After a quick and violent battle, Stardust Hall's elite knocked out with both the wizard and his vargouille familiar.

A thourough inspection of the elf revealed a tatoo and more burn marks that seemed to cover large parts of his body.  Petyr speculated that these burn marks were actually acid burns used to remove previous tatoos.  These tatoos acted as orders from the elf's superior.  An analysis of the actual tatoo revealed that he was the one who ordered Abryram to target the selunite and siamorphite priestesses.  The tatoo was signed by a tatoo artist from the Naked Siren, a tatoo parlor in Dock Ward.

Following an inconclusive interrogation of the deranged elf, the group returned to Stardust Hall after a quick stop to the House of Beauty to deliver the mad elf to the clerics of the Goddess of Beauty in response to his participation in the attempt to kill their High priestess.

They were closer to an answer but were they ready to face whoever had hire Elorus the Mad elf?




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