City of Splendors: Waterdeep


Investigating attacks on religious leaders

A few days have passed since the events in the Warrens and it is slowly returning to normal at the orphanage.  The youngs residents and their teachers are slowly preparing themselves for a new holiday organized by the combined churches of Sune, Lliira, Sharess and Tymora that is supposed to bring warmth in the hearts of Waterdeep's citizens.  The joy and hope brought by this new festival, called Brightwater, is rapidly toned down as Tyr's high priest Lord Hammer Hykros Allumen, is discovered dead in his own quarters in the Halls of Justice.  It is clear that he died by the hand of an assassin. 
As the death of Tyr's prelate is announced in the streets, a coach transporting High Initiate Felnarra Orkalion stops in front of Stardust Hall.  Waterdeep's second most powerful selunite is there to ask to Moonmother Stardust to assist her in the ceremony in the funerals of one of the most generous donator to the church, Lord Maernos who died a month ago. Rhivaun is asked to act as an underpriest and his friends as the honor guard for the cleric during the ceremony.  The next day after a sober and very spiritual ceremony, Lord Maernos' body is transported through the streets of the city to be laid to rest in the City of the Dead.  
As the procession reaches the Market, it is stopped by a large group of elves and half-elves manifesting their anger against the former mercenary lord who was, before his conversion to the Moonmaiden, a ruthless bigot.  Rapidly, the manifestation degenerated into a riot after a few elements into the crowd used magic to augment the anger of the mob.  It soon became clear that the riot was just a diversion as assassins came out of the shadows to attack the leading priests of the procession (Lady Belkerri Gulderhorn of Siamorphe, Ssaeril Shadowstar of Sune and Felnarra Orkalion of Selûne).As the priesteesses' bodyguards were busy pushing back the mob, it was up to the party to eliminate the threat of the assassins, led by a powerful half-silver dragon.  
After a furious combat, the successfully neutralized a few of the attackers but not before one had struck a fatal blow to Lady Gulderhorn and stole Shadowstar's elven made necklace.  A thorough investigation in the alleys used by the bandits revealed a clue dropped by mistake by one of them: a small bit of paper with the name of a Trades Ward tavern on it!
As they kept investigating, the companions of Stardust Hall discovered that most of their leads where accusing one man: Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober, a rich elven merchant with a sinister reputation.  Craulnober effectively had arguments with most of the targets, was a renowned collector of elven artefacts and was also the secret owner of the Grey Griffon, the famous Trades Ward tavern.  
The Griffon was managed by a cowardly half-elf with an habit for gambling named Aloryl.  When questionned, Aloryl denied ay implication in the events that took place in the Market and called his corrupted friends in the watch to remove the noisy investigators from his establishment.  As Petyr, Ayanna and Drudarch were trying to escape the guard post, Rhivaun and Arya kept on trying to get more information from Aloryl, finally managing to get a confession out of him.  He had recently contracted an important debt while gambling with a caravan operator from the Margaster Clan, a man named Abryram.  In exchange for a total cancellation of his debt, Aloryl was to hire a few assassins including an half silver dragon.  Not aware that his real boss would be implicated and that he would probably loose more than money when the Serpent would discover, he accepted the deal and hired the professional killers.  
Aloryl was just one scapegoat in a complicated plan to remove some powerful citizens of Waterdeep but who were the real masterminds behind all this?  This Abryram?  Craulnober?  To find out, the adventurer would have to push their investigation farther and confront more powerful ennemies…


Interesting plot, you look like you’ve put a lot of thought into it and done a lot of work. Hope your players appreciate it :)


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